Manifesto Blind Date Challenge

Workshops: Mon Sep 18th at 14-20 and Sat Sep 23rd  at 17.30–22
The Speechkaraoke-evening: Saturday 7.10. 19–23


Taidehalli in collaboration with Goethe Institute and Speechkaraoke is inviting the visitors of the current exhibition by Julian Rosenfeldt to an experiment: a manifesto writing blind date challenge!

Visitors can take part by answering 6 survey questions on a card handed out with the entrance ticket. Based on their responses a smart algorithm will match participants with a stranger who will be the perfect fit for their manifesto writing ambitions. Taidehalli puts the matching pairs in touch with each other for a meet-up at a location of their choice. Their challenge will be to co-author a manifesto. What should their manifesto be about? What are the goals and strategies they can agree upon?

The pairs can bring their manifesto draft to one of the workshop days (18.9. or 23.9.) where The Speech Karaoke Action Group will help to polish it. The final version of the joint manifesto will be recorded for posterity into the speech karaoke system and performed at a special MANIFESTO speech karaoke night on October 7th.

Workshops are held in Finnish and in English. There is no entrance fee to the workshops or the speech karaoke night.

Speechkaraoke is a constantly expanding art project established in 2009, hosting the world’s largest collection of karaoke-version of speeches. The catalogue of currently 425 speeches includes legendary ones such as “I have a Dream”, but also lesser known speeches from daily life.

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