Artist of the Year Heli Ryhänen (b. 1971) fills the Kunsthalle with her large faux-leather sculptures.

Heli Ryhänen bestows the features of her faux-leather figures with the innermost conflicts of life: ageing, sexuality and death. While blurring the boundaries between good and evil, the familiar and the strange, the works are not without glimpses of humour.


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Pekka Vesterinen

12 April - 11 May
Kuva näyttelystä

Pekka Vesterinen’s Open Series investigates the potential of painting. For Pekka Vesterinen, working quickly in a small format provides a freer approach to painting, as it allows access to a different range of colours and themes. Begun in 2007, the Open Series combines landscapes with the colours of nature and lighting effects.


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