Vappu Rossi18 August - 3 October

Vappu Rossi (b. 1976) is a skilful and perceptive drawer whose “drawing” often extends far beyond pen and paper. In the Kunsthalle Studio, Rossi presents a new media piece as well as charcoal drawings – some of them made directly on the wall.

Rossi’s drawings convey a powerful sense of experience, motion and feeling. Her drawing style is receptive and sensitive, sometimes forceful, very graphic. In the series of charcoal drawings, Rossi investigates motion and the state of trance in which one drifts away from consciousness to something beyond the reach of the structures on "this side". 

The principal subject in Vappu Rossi’s work is the human figure, yet in many pictures there also seem to be branches or leaf veins, neural networks or blood vessels, shining through the figure. Rossi constructs the pictures from voluminous masses of lines: the traces coalesce into a fabric in which the figures are gradually transformed.

The media art animation, Goodbye Shadowy, is a wistful, gently humorous depiction of the passage of time.

Vappu Rossi (b. 1976) is a visual artist, media artist and graphic artist. Her work is based on drawing, but makes use of a wide variety of media: in addition to media art animations, she also makes light box works, paintings and lithography. In addition, her oeuvre includes site-specific and performative works, such as large anamorphic wall drawings and cross-art live drawing and croquis events.

The exhibition is supported by Finnish Cultural Foundation and Arts Council of Finland.

In cooperation with Elokuvaääniyhtiö Humina Sound Company.

See making of Hawk Moth video on Vimeo


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