Tilaa uutiskirje

    Baby Mondays

    Monday 28.1. at 13–15
    Monday 11.2. at 13–15
    Monday 18.2. at 13–15
    Monday 18.3. at 13–15

    The Baby Mondays event digs deep into Paul Osipow’s exhibition through guided tours led by Art Educaters Liini Laes and Iisa Juva. All children under the age of one along with their parents are welcome.

    The guided tour advances gently taking into account babies’ abilities to percept images. You can bring your baby on the guided tour in your arms, stroller or sling. There are sofas to rest on, and you can feed your child when you need to. After the guided tour all babies are welcome to participate in a colour play session.

    Liini Laes is an art educator, producer and colour bathing leader at LAKU (Lastenkulttuurituottamo). Laes works as a teacher, guide, and workshop leader within visual arts and art education. She prefers contrasts, surprises and soap bubbles.

    Iisa Juva is a pedagog, teacher and writer. She leads visual arts courses for children, produces events and is trying to write a book. Juva enjoys playing with colours and  every so often you will find her elbow-deep in clay.

    The guided tour takes 30–40 minutes. Entry with a stroller through the back of the building, Ainonkatu 3. The doors will open at 12.30. Welcome!

    Admission: €12 / €8 / Museum Card