Tilaa uutiskirje

    Young Artists 2019. Photo: Patrik Rastenberger
    Easter events

    The Kunsthalle is open during the Easter Holidays. Welcome to explore the exhibition Young Artists 2019 by yourself or on a guided tour, during the Easter weekend. Read more.

    Artist Mira Roivanen teaches the basics in pigment transfer techniques during a two-day course. The work shop starts out on Saturday with an introduction to pigment transferring. The acrylic medium will be spread out onto an image and then left to dry until Sunday. On Sunday the transferring process will be completed and you will be able to bring home the transferred image. Read more.

    Easter Monday (22.4. at 13–15) kicks off our first Baby Monday for the Young Artists 2019 exhibition led by Art Educaters Liini Laes and Iisa Juva and accompanied by the Kunsthalles own guides. The guided tour advances gently taking in to account babies’ ability to percept images. After the tour all babies are welcome to participate in a colour play session. Read more.

    Easter Hours
    Fri 19.4. Good Friday at 11–17
    Sat 20.4. open at 11–17
    Sun 21.4. Easter Sunday at 11–17
    Mon 22.4. 2. Easter Monday closed