Tilaa uutiskirje

Thomas Nyqvist, Waste Management II, 2020-2021, öljy kankaalle, 270x270 cm. Kuva: Jussi Tiainen

Spaces of Uncertainty

12.3. - 24.4.2022

The exhibition opening in March at Kunsthalle Helsinki poses questions regarding space and spatiality by means of visual arts. The joint exhibition of six artists is a diverse showcase of spatial art.

The exhibition and its title communicate that we are never ‘safe’ from spatial practice, that it affects everything we do, wherever we are. Uncertainty, change and unpredictability are, to these artists, not something incomplete that can be rectified with the appropriate effort, but rather the very bedrock of creation, as paradoxical as this might sound.

Spatial art does not call for three-dimensional, sculptural or architectural forms of expression. The three artists who initiated the exhibition – Thomas Nyqvist, Jorma Puranen and Lauri Astala – are best known for their activities in painting, photography, and video art. Heini Aho, Marja Kanervo and Shoji Kato work with the medium of sculpture, but create works that are environmental by nature, and which often bleed into other art forms.

As part of the working group, the curator and director of Helsinki’s Kunsthalle Kohta, Anders Kreuger, has helped with the planning and display of the exhibition.


Heini Aho, Surreal Salad, 2020. Video still


Jorma Puranen, Language is a Foreign Country 1, 2001. Pigmenttivedos, 160 x 200 cm


Lauri Astala, Prototype N60°10’19.0323”; E24°56’4.2900”; +21.84m, 1998