Tilaa uutiskirje


Presenting contemporary art in Helsinki’s most elegant exhibition space since 1928

Bold avant-garde and contemporary art classics from Finland and around the world – Kunsthalle Helsinki brings art to the public in a unique venue in the Helsinki city centre.

While the main focus of the exhibition programme is on contemporary art, Kunsthalle Helsinki also exhibits design and architecture, producing between five and seven exhibitions per year. The gallery takes part in cross-disciplinary collaboration and engages the community with a high-quality education outreach programme. Kunsthalle Helsinki is a non-profit organization providing a venue for temporary exhibitions, and does not maintain a permanent collection.

Kunsthalle Helsinki is administered by a private foundation backed by various art organizations and artists’ associations. The Board of the Kunsthalle Helsinki Foundation is chaired by Kai Huotari.

Affiliated organizations:
City of Helsinki
Artists’ Association of Finland
Association of Finnish Printmakers
Association of Finnish Sculptors
Finnish Association of Architects (SAFA)
Ornamo Art and Design Finland
Design Forum Finland
Finnish Fine Arts Academy Foundation
Finnish Art Society
Tampere Artists’ Association
Turku Artists’ Association