Tilaa uutiskirje

Kirsti Tuokko, Red Suit, 2018, oil on plexiglass glass

The Tampere Artists’ Association’s Jubilee Exhibition

30.11.2019 - 5.1.2020

The 100-year-old Tampere Artists’ Association is the second oldest professional artists’ association in Finland. For this reason it is safe to say that the art of Tampere has established roots in history but within it’s nearly 300 members there can be found many examples of interesting contemporary art budding, with allusions to the surrounding regions of Tampere and Pirkanmaa being evident. The exhibition points to a widely shared interest in the human condition and the human as a being along with all of it’s physicalities, and accepting even the more painful sides of this whole. Nature is also addressed in a fresh way. Even abstract expression can be used to bring across an original message, and in some pieces humour has a distinct presence. At the Tampere exhibition you will find well-known artists alongside lesser-known treasures which will surprise even the most experienced art enthusiast.

The artists featured in the exhibition are: Terhi Asumaniemi, Liisa Hietanen, Lars Holmström, Anssi Jääskeläinen, Juha-Pekka Köykkä, Heta Laitakari, Marko Lampisuo, Tiina Lehikoinen, Riikka Lenkkeri, Virve Lilja, Karkki Mäkelä, Pasi Niininen, Paula Ollikainen, Tuukka Peltonen, Tomas Regan, Hannu Riikonen, Elina Ruohonen, SA Salmela, Markku Salo, Kristiina Sario, Tuija Suutari, Kirsti Tuokko, Jarno Vesala and Viggo Wallensköld. The exhibition is curated by art critic Pessi Rautio and sculptor Matti Kalkamo.