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Tommi Toija in his studio. Photo: Anna Autio

Tommi Toija: Archeology of Emotions

1.6. - 6.10.2024

Tommi Toija is especially known for his gently rebellious sculpture figures that examine their surroundings with wide-eyed curiosity. The exhibition, Archeology of Emotions, offers a glimpse behind the scenes, showcasing many facets of the artist’s work.

The exhibition invites visitors to step inside the sculptor’s studio – Tommi Toija’s enchanting workspace at the Lallukka Artists’ Home has been transplanted in its entirety to Kunsthalle Helsinki. The public has the chance to explore this multilayered cornucopia of artworks, tools, and inspiring objects. On occasion, the artist himself will be present, allowing visitors to follow his studio work.

The exhibition also features some of Toija’s newest sculptures, paintings, and drawings, alongside his earlier works. Toija’s creations blend insightful humour with the darker tones of life, often filtered through empathy and warmth.

Exhibition Partner: Niemi


Tommi Toija in his studio. Photo: Anna Autio