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Sam Falls, Untitled (Boat House), 2015. Tilataideteos Sarvisalossa. Kuva: David Bebber

Zabludowicz Collection

19.3. - 24.4.2016

Nature meets contemporary art in Sarvisalo, Pernaja. The Zabludowicz estate hosts an artistic residency for young, international artists, whose work can be seen in different ways on the island. Art has spread to Sarvisalo, but the idyllic seaside venue is only open to public on special occasions so this exhibition offers an exciting opportunity to see works from Sarvisalo in the city.

This exhibition drawn from the Zabludowicz Collection presents contemporary art from nine artists who have visited or been exhibited in Sarvisalo.

The collection, founded in the 1990s, includes art from the late 1940s to this day. Containing about 3000 artworks from 500 artists, the collection has become known for its focus on works of art by emerging contemporary artists.

The Zabludowicz Collection supports artists as well as arts organizations. In addition to Sarvisalo, the collection has activities also in New York and in London, where its main exhibition venue is located.

Participating artists:
Ed Atkins (*1982, Oxford, UK)
Sarah Braman (*1970, Tonawanda, NY, USA)
David Brooks (*1975, Brazil, Indiana, USA)
Laura Buckley (*1977, Galway, Ireland)
Sam Falls (*1984, San Diego, CA, USA)
Corin Hewitt (*1971, Burlington, VA, USA)
Antti Laitinen (*1975, Helsinki, FI)
Erin Shirreff (*1975, Kelowna, BC, CAN)
Josh Tonsfeldt (*1979, Independence, Mi, USA)

Laura Buckley, Shields, 2012, näkymä installaatiosta Testing Ground: Disappearing Into One, 2013, Zabludowicz Collection, Lontoo. Kuva: Tim Bowditch