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Collecting Art: Timo Miettinen

Saturday 5.5. at 13

What makes someone collect art passionately? How does an artist’s and a collector’s relationship evolve? Collector Timo Miettinen and Director of Kunsthalle Helsinki Jan Förster discuss what it means to collect art.

The focus in Timo Miettinen’s family collection lies in contemporary art. The Miettinen Collection holds around 1000 works, and is located mainly in Berlin. The collection includes works by Secundino Hernández, such as the series Lupis Ipsum, currently on view at the Kunsthalle.

EM Group’s chairman of the board, Timo Miettinen hosts the art salon, Salon Dahlman, known as a meeting place amongst artists as well as an exhibition space. Miettinen seeks to present Finnish art in international contexts.

Included in the admission: €12 / €8 / Museum Card