We are closed due to the installation of our new exhibition. Open again on Sat 1.6.!
Tilaa uutiskirje

Image: Patrik Rastenberger
Guided Tours in Sign Language

Saturday 7.9. at 15
Saturday 14.9. at 15
Saturday 21.9. at 15
Wednesday 25.9. at 18
Saturday 5.10. at 15

The Kunsthalle’s guided tours in sign language focus on Ugo Roninone’s exhibition and its centrepiecevocabulary of solitude, a meditative installation of sculpted clowns in passive poses. The installation expresses the artist’s characteristic straddling between joy and sorrow: clowns are traditionally meant to be funny and entertaining, but in Rondinone’s exhibition, they are sombre and thoughtful, almost melancholy.

Guide: Netta Keski-Levijoki
The guided tours in sign language are included in the admission:  €12 / €8 / Museum Card