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    how to _______ alone

    Sunday 31.3. at 14
    Wednesday at kl. 18
    Sunday 28.4. at 14 (cancelled)
    Saturday 25.5. at 14
    Sunday 26.5. at 14

    Welcome to Anne Naukkarinen’s performance and installation how to ________ alone, as part of the Young Artists 2019 exhibition.

    While working on this piece at the end of 2017, she took a closer look at all the other jobs she was doing on top of her creative work, such as applying for grants, attending meetings, handling communications, marketing and scheduling, as well as the accompanying emotional work.

    how to _______ alone examines the culturally constructed image of the individual-centric art worker as well as the relations and tensions between the artist, the artwork, and the creative process. The piece debuted at Kuvan Kevät2018, the annual MFA Degree Show of the Academy of Fine Arts.

    The performance lasts for an hour.
    The performance is included in the admission:  €12 / €8 / Museum Card.