Tilaa uutiskirje

Yoga Fusion at the Kunsthalle

Friday 29.6. at 18.15-19.15
Saturday 30.6. at 17.15-18.15

Awaken your body with sun salutations in the most beautiful exhibitions space Helsinki has to offer!

The inspiring and playful yoga fusion offers a place for contemplation and exhilaration of movement. The yoga class is set in the mysterious exhibition of IC-98.

Yoga fusion is a mix of different forms of yoga. The class guides you to open and strengthen your body, and encourages you to find your own practice. Yoga is suitable for beginners, but offers seasoned practitioners challenge none the less. The classes are led by Yoga Henna.

The Yoga Fusion class is included in the admission: €12 / €8 / Museum Card. You are able to visit the exhibition before the class. No pre-registration needed.