Tilaa uutiskirje

How to make a Kvintetto ryijy

Make your own ryijy textile! This Kvintetto ryijy is designed by artist Jonna Karanka.

Instructions for Kvintetto ryijy
Designer: Jonna Karanka, 2020

A base cloth (jute cloth), 33 x 37 cm
Five rolls of yarn in different colours: one yarn 50 g, four yarns 25 g per colour.
Fabric to wrap and hold the rod, 32 cm x 14 cm
Decorative ribbon matching the width of the base fabric in length
Christmas tree tinsel garland (or other pretty ribbon) 130 cm
Thread to attach the pearls and Christmas tree ribbon
Hanging rod (e.g. thin round wooden rod)

What you will need:
Template for the Kvintetto ryijy  Print pdf  
Two pile splints 2.2 cm and 3.3 cm wide
Darning needles with blunt tips
Tape measure, pins, thick marker

1. Finish the edges of the border fabric over a 0.5 cm width with a zig-zag stitch. Trace the ryijy template on the jute cloth with a thick marker. Protect your working desk from being marked. Start drawing by making a horizontal reference line about 1 cm from the top edge. Mark the middle point of the upper edge. Make markings on the edges of the ryijy about 11 cm down from the reference line. Draw the curved shapes by tracing the figures from the edge markings to the middle point marking. Proceed from top to bottom.

2. Prepare the pile rows by pulling out every sixth weft yarn from the horizontal rows of the sack cloth. Use a blunt darning needle. Start making the pile rows ca. 1.5 cm from the bottom edge. Make the last pile row below the reference line of the top edge.

3. Attach the fabric meant for wrapping the rod with pins on both sides of the base fabric above the reference line. Sew the fabric onto the base fabric.

4. Attach the decorative band to the edge of the fabric, hiding the reference line and the sewing marks of the fabric meant for wrapping the rod.

5. Three “balls” will first be sewn on the ryijy. Sew yarn in the spaces between the weft yarn vertically, following the shape of the balls. Use double yarn if the yarn in use is thin. Tie off the yarn ends on the reverse side.

6. Start sewing the ryijy knots by starting in the bottom left-hand corner and proceed to the right-hand side. A good tip for tying the knots is to always point to the left with the needle point. Use double or triple yarn if necessary.
Always thread the yarn below the left-hand side warp yarn, pull the yarn over and above the four warps and underneath the following two warps. Curl the yarn first above the hand tufting tool, and then under it, taking the needle under the following two warp yarns.

When your tufting tool is almost full of knots, cut open the left-hand side loops with scissors and shift your tool forward. Use the thinner tufting tool up until you reach the curved shapes of the top part.

7. Use the wider tufting tool for the curved shapes of the upper part in order to gain a sense of depth in your ryijy. Start tying the knots only on the second row. Remember to change to the thinner tool for the pattern found in the middle.

8. Sew on the Christmas garland (in a colour that matches your ryijy palette) with a thin thread on the borders of the curved shapes.

9.Attach U-shaped ribbon loops at the bottom of the ryijy. You can use, for instance glimmering Christmas garland for these. Sew on pearls stringed into yarn in between the U shapes.

Now you can hang the Kvintetto ryijy on the wall by placing the rod on two nails. Enjoy your furry creation!