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passages Transfestival edition 2023 "Save the last dance for me" de Alessandro Sciarroni [Italia] à l'Arsenal de Metz avec Gianmaria Borzillo Giovanfrancesco Giannini
Moving in November – Alessandro Sciarroni: Save the Last Dance for Me

6.11. at 17 & 20
Duration 20min

Alessando Sciarroni’s performance Save the Last Dance for Me revitalizes the endangered Bolognese courtship dance called Polka Chinata. Originally performed exclusively by men in the early 1900s, this physically demanding dance combines acrobatic movements and intricate embraces, with two dancers whirling and bending almost to the ground. By December 2018, only five people in Italy were practicing Polka Chinata. Sciarroni’s performance aims to spread awareness and reviving of this nearly extinct tradition. Save the Last Dance for Me serves as a lifeline to cultural heritage, posing the question how to preserve dances for generations to come.

The performance is part of Moving in November festival 2.-12.11. As part of the festival, there will be an open discussion with the invited artist and local host called Soup Talk on the 7th of November at noon in Caisa.

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Photo: Save the last dance for me, © Passages Transfestival-Metz 2023 – Photo Raoul Gilibert