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Tilaa uutiskirje

Image: Patrik Rastenberger
Mini egg shakers  

Due to the exceptional circumstances, we have had to cancel the Baby Mondays events. We however wish to encourage and support you with experiences mixing art and play at your own home together with your baby. We will share easy ideas for art exercises with babies at home starting on Monday 20 April. 

Babies enjoy music and rhythm from early on. And it’s fun to produce sounds! A musical moment together with a parent enhances interaction and hearing skills. You can use these instructions to make your own mini instrument.

Plastic shell of a surprise egg
Different dry foods, such as grains or seeds (rice, lentils, peas, polenta)

Fill up the egg about half full with grains or seeds. You can tape the seam shut to avoid the contents spilling out. Different dry foods produce different sounds. Try some out and compare for yourself!