Tilaa uutiskirje

    Treat Helsingin Taidehallissa. Kuva: Patrik Rastenberger
    Performance: Treat

    Treat by Anna Maria Häkkinen and Maija Mustonen together with the working group is an artwork on caring touch. It emerges gradually from the period of the pandemic isolation and from the sensibilities brought by distance.

    The performance is part of the A I S T I T / coming to our senses -exhibition.
    The performance is included in the exhibition ticket. Please book your tickets here!

    19.8. Thursday / torstai / torsdag at / klo / kl 18–20
    21.8. Saturday / lauantai / lördag at / klo / kl 13–15
    25.8. Wednesday / keskiviikko / osndag at / klo / kl 18–20
    29.8. Sunday / sunnuntai /söndag at / klo / kl 13–15
    2.9. Thursday / torstai / torsdag at / klo / kl 12–14
    3.9. Friday / perjantai / fredag / at / klo / kl 12–14
    4.9. Saturday / lauantai / lördag at / klo / kl 13–15
    5.9. Sunday / sunnuntai / söndag at / klo / kl 13–15

    We tune in to the miracle of touch. We approach it with gentleness. We enchant. We also aim to touch with scents. Our perfume smells of tuberosa and white flowers: gardenia, lily of the valley and jasmine flower.

    A miracle can happen inside a touch. It may not be visible from outside, and it can be completely intimate and quiet. It can be caring; tell something about pleasure; point to a need, or appear as a surprise. We invite and channel the miracle still having in mind that nothing miraculous needs to happen.

    Preparing a careful touch feels touching. Watching a touch feels touching. For us, the joint practice of caring touch has shown the need to surrender to gravity and fatigue, the desire to support each other’s rest.


    Working group: 

    Choreography and performance: Anna Maria Häkkinen and Maija Mustonen
    Project lead and concept: Maija Mustonen
    Spatial design: Sofia Palillo
    Scent dramaturge: Masi Tiitta
    Scent: Parfums Dusita: Mélodie de l’Amour
    Artistic dialogue: Hanna Ahti
    In Collaboration with: Parfums Dusita, Carhartt and Florist Living Room
    Works (photos): Hertta Kiiski
    Residency support: Maybe production, Liisa Pentti Co, Mustarinda, Dance House
    Sponsors: Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation, Finnish Cultural Foundation and Finnish Cultural Foundation’s Uusimaa Foundation