Tilaa uutiskirje

Helka Heinonen. Photo: Patrik Rastenberger.
Queer Tour

Wednesday 22.1. at 6–7 pm
Wednesday 29.1. at 6–7 pm
Wednesday 12.2. at 6–7 pm
Wednesday 19.2. at 6–7 pm

The Queer Tour examines the artworks and the situation of viewing from a queer angle. What does the artwork inform? What other stories might be included in it? Who can be seen as the actor? What is left unsaid? What elements of power, gender and agency are included in the work?

The tour aims to create a safe space for pondering, uncertainty and questioning. A queer eye can make it possible to challenge the ordinary and can propose new ways of seeing. Queerness also leaves space for phenomena that do not fall into defined categories. The tour is guided by Helka Heinonen, who thinks that the queer eye can be simultaneously serious and playful.

Entrance: 14 € / 8 € / Museum Card