Tilaa uutiskirje

Image: Patrik Rastenberger
Sensory bottle 

Due to the exceptional circumstances, we have had to cancel the Baby Mondays. We however wish to encourage and support you with experiences mixing art and play at your own home together with your baby. We will share easy ideas for art exercises with babies at home starting on Monday 20 April.

The sensory bottle is an exercise that will enchant the baby. A colourful bottle is a long-lasting source of wonder. Also older children can enjoy the simple calming effect of small particles slowly floating in water.


0.5 L clean bottle with a cap
Small colourful objects, such as glitter, feathers, buttons, pearls or other plastic items
Baby oil

Pour one part oil and one part water into a bottle. Add the small objects. Feel free to also add a dash of food colouring or liquid watercolour. Close the bottle tightly with a cap. A baby will probably not be able to open the bottle, but if you prepare a bottle for an older child, a good tip is to secure the cap with some instant glue.