Tilaa uutiskirje

    Image: Patrik Rastenberger
    Spray painting 

    Due to the exceptional circumstances, we have had to cancel the Baby Mondays events. We however wish to encourage and support you with experiences mixing art and play at your own home together with your baby. We will share easy ideas for art exercises with babies at home starting on Monday 20 April.  

    Let’s spray some fun! Babies and parents can share some exciting and often surprising artistic moments. What does red taste like? Where did the square go? Can we use our fingers as a brush?

    Spray bottle (travel size or bigger)
    100% sugar-free berry juice to paint with (e.g. bilberry, cranberry, lingonberry, sea buckthorn)  
    Watercolour paper and masking tape

    Tape the watercolour paper on a table or the floor. The baby can work while laying on the floor, or sitting up in a high chair. Place some blocks on the paper. Spray some berry paint on the blocks and next to them. Move the blocks around and enjoy the surprise of the faint patterns that emerge. Keep spraying and disclosing and hiding the patterns. If you don’t want your blocks to stain, use coated blocks (e.g. BRIO).