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Baby Mondays Art Tips: Sensitive Tracks

We wish to encourage and support you to have experiences, make art and play together with your baby. Here you can find ideas for artistic activities that are easy to do with your baby or toddler.


Like snow falling on black concrete, or stardust in space. With these instructions, you can print your child’s foot or hand print on cardboard easily, safely and with no mess.

Piece of black cardboard in the size of a postcard
Body lotion
Talcum powder
Masking tape

Tape the cardboard onto a table (a small piece of tape is enough) near the edge of the table. Spread some body lotion on the child’s palm or the sole of their foot. The sole of the foot might be easier for babies, and the palm for toddlers. Make one firm print with the foot or hand on the cardboard. Sprinkle some talcum powder on the cardboard so that the printed image is covered. Tap the excess powder away.

Enjoy the sight! The sensitive image stays on the cardboard even without using adhesive. If you wish to secure it, you can spray it with a fixative or hairspray.