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A Shared Atelier – Karin and Åke Hellman

21.10. - 19.11.2017

Karin and Åke Hellman’s joint path lasted over six decades. They shared a life together, as well as a profession in the arts, an atelier, and the courage to dive into the unknown.

The exhibition A Shared Atelier brings the work of the Karin (1915–2004) and Åke Hellmans (b. 1915) work to where it all started from: both had their artistic debut at the Kunsthalle close to 80 years ago, in 1939.

A pioneer of collages in Finland, Karin Hellman was interested in working with found and readymade materials. Her textile works navigate in the borders of figurative and abstract art. Karin had an interest in cave paintings and prehistoric art, and her works reference various mythologies.

Åke Hellman’s career spanned several decades and opens a window to post-war art movements in Finland. Known for a highly personal colour palette, the painter’s career also fits an abstract period and hues of surrealism. His works play with different levels of images and reward the spectator with sudden insights.

The exhibition includes works from the 1930s until the 2000s. The exhibition is curated by Ph.D. Juha-Heikki Tihinen, Pro Artibus Foundation.


Karin Hellman, Evan silmä, 1967


Åke Hellman Maalausvehkeitä (Symbolinen asetelma), 1984


Åke Hellman, Talvivenus, 1985


Karin Hellman: Lintutyttö ja sateenvarjo, 1954

Karin Hellman, Auringonrattaat (yksityiskohta), 1965-66. Åke Hellman, Maalari (Omakuva arktista taustaa vasten) (yksityiskohta), 1970.