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    Anssi Kasitonni, Top/Fuel/Economy, 2022. Kuva: Jukka Salminen

    Anssi Kasitonni: Speed Records

    11.6. - 28.8.2022

    Anssi Kasitonni’s exhibition Speed Records dives into the breathtaking world of fast cars, drag races, and motorsports. The exhibition includes joyfully clever and humorous works that the artist has executed by hand using multiple types of materials. The sincere admiration of motorsports, beginning already from childhood, is also a window to the past, a nostalgic era of mass culture.

    A coarse stroke of the hand is also visible in the short films where a distinct home video aesthetic follows Kasitonni’s all-encompassing DIY style. Le Saboteur (2022), masterfully depicting the making of action films, was recently awarded a medal at the Tampere Film Festival.

    The work of Anssi Kasitonni (b. 1978), a recipient of the esteemed Ars Fennica Award, is marked by imaginativeness, and an ability to not take oneself too seriously. In his works, the multidisciplinary artist combines various materials from corrugated fibreboard to resin, chrome, and bronze.