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    Hannu Väisänen, 2022

    Hannu Väisänen: 12 Ceilings

    5.11.2022 - 8.1.2023

    Hannu Väisänen’s exhibition 12 Ceilings transforms Kunsthalle Helsinki into an atmospheric total installation. The sculptural ceilings descending from high above are all distinctive with their unique paintings and ceramic ceiling ornaments. The impressive entirety is complemented with large-scale paintings which Väisänen has worked on around the topic of broken vases.

    The visual artist and author Hannu Väisänen is interested in the interaction between different forms of art. For this exhibition, Väisänen has worked together with a multidisciplinary team, including ceramics artist Katja Kotikoski, fine carpenter Yoshimasa Yamada, exhibition architect Hannele Grönlund, and construction engineer Asko Keronen.

    The exhibition is supported by Kone Foundation.