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Helena Hietanen: Teknopitsi / Teknospets / Tecnolace light sculpture, Barbican Center London, 1997

Helena Hietanen, Jaakko Niemelä: Chaos & Beauty

24.1. - 8.3.2015

The year 2015 in Kunsthalle Helsinki begins with a show of light and shadow that extends all the way to the building’s exterior.

The common theme in the art of Helena Hietanen and Jaakko Niemelä is light. The exhibition includes landmark works as well as audience favourites from the careers of both artists. A new installation will also be produced in the sculpture gallery.

The artist couple Hietanen and Niemelä work together, separately and in parallel. Chaos & Beauty represents a condensation of their life during the last 18 years – Niemelä and Hietanen have never needed to search far for ideas for their work. The exhibition is produced by Finnish Art Society.


Jaakko Niemelä: Kellari / Källare / Cellar, 2002 (Rautalankaverkko, sähkömoottori, halogeenivalo) kuva / bild / image: Jussi Tiainen