Tilaa uutiskirje

The Hunters Group

8.3. - 8.2.2014

Heini Aho, Sirkku Ketola ja Tamara Piilola, Heart Side Up

“Where does the motivation to create come from, and how?”

The common theme uniting the members of the Hunter Group – artists Heini Aho, Sirkku Ketola and Tamara Piilola – is the problem concerning the reasons for art making and the origin of creativity. The idea for the Heart Side Up exhibition and the book on creativity arose from discussions among the group. The book comprises texts by ten experts from different fields.

The title of the show, Heart Side Up, symbolises the way the three members of the group approach their art. The works created for Kunsthalle Helsinki feature combinations of the light-hearted, the serious as well as the untamed. The large-scale paintings, installations and prints are imbued with a tangible sense of material and its manipulation, as well as fascination with space. The show includes both collectively and individually created pieces. Aho, Ketola and Piilola have been close colleagues since the start of their artistic career ten years ago. The Hunters Group was founded at the Saari Manor Residency in 2009, and since then the group have been working on their joint exhibition and book.