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Ugo Rondinone, view of the installation Vocabulary of Solitude. Photo: Studio Rondinone

Ugo Rondinone

17.8. - 17.11.2019

Everything gets Lighter

Kunsthalle Helsinki is delighted to present the first solo exhibition by Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone (b. 1964) in Finland. Opening in August, the exuberantly colourful exhibition will focus on Vocabulary of Solitude, a meditative installation of cast clowns in a multitude of everyday poses. The hyper-realistic clowns are of different genders and ethnic backgrounds. Collectively, they form a ‘day in the life’ portrait narrated through 45 different activities. The exhibition is produced in collaboration with Helsinki Festival.

Rondinone works across a wide range of contemporary mediums including sculpture, painting, audio, video and photography. He combines conceptualism with elements of Pop Art, reflecting on everyday events that often convey a contemplative, existential dimension. During a career spanning nearly 40 years, Rondinone has held numerous solo exhibitions at venues including the Centre Pompidou, New York’s New Museum, and Rome’s Museo d’Arte Contemporanea di Roma (MACRO). Rondinone represented Switzerland at the 2007 Venice Biennale.

The exhibition is part of Helsinki Festival’s official programme.

Your Age and My Age and the Age of the Rainbow, 2014 – ongoing. Plywood, rainbow drawings made by children of Shanghai, Rotterdam and Rome. Dimensions variable. Photo: Studio Rondinone

Artist Ugo Rondinone invites children to draw rainbows

Artist Ugo Rondinone and Kunsthalle Helsinki invite you to participate in the making of the exhibition Everyone Gets Lighter (17.8.–17.11.2019). One of the works in the exhibition are rainbow drawings made by school children.

One of the works in the exhibition forms a space, whose walls are completely covered with rainbow drawings made by children. This concept has been realized in several other exhibitions around the world and some of these drawings will be used in the Kunsthalle exhibition as well.

We hereby invite school children to participate in the making of rainbow drawings. Our mission is to collect over a thousand drawings for our exhibition made by school children from grades 1 to 9. You are welcome to use wooden pencils, wax crayons, water colours or even finger paint, whatever materials you have available. Please use A4 paper. By participating in the Ugo Rondinone exhibition, you hand over the drawings to the artist and forfeit your rights to the drawings. Please note that the drawings will not be returned. They might be used in upcoming similar exhibitions.

Please deliver your drawings to Kunsthalle Helsinki by 7th June. Should you have any questions, please contact producer Birgitta Orava

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