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Tilaa uutiskirje

Image: Patrik Rastenberger
My first colour bath

Due to the exceptional circumstances, we have had to cancel the Baby Mondays events. We however wish to encourage and support you with experiences mixing art and play at your own home together with your baby. We will share easy ideas for art exercises with babies at home starting on Monday 20 April.

“Colour bathing” is an artistic workshop method for babies. It allows babies to experience materials and colours, multi-sensoriality, and to make their own colourful strokes. The bath starts with the idea that visual self expression is important and gratifying regardless of age.


1. A large enough surface. If you have no drawing or watercolour paper, you can also use cardboard, fabric or some protection paper left over from a renovation as your painting surface.

2. Frozen berries. Lingonberries, bilberries, currants or other berries with a strong colour are especially good.

3. Prepare some mango purée.

It is a good idea to protect the floor and tape the painting surface to the floor before starting. If you want to be extra safe, you can also build your makeshift painting studio in the bathroom for easier cleaning afterwards. Note that the seams of floor tiles are susceptible to being stained by the colours.

Babies can paint in their nappies or wear spill-friendly clothing. Babies tend to find frozen berries especially fascinating, and some may end up in the mouth. The most important guidelines are being together, a sense of wonder and proceeding at the baby’s own pace.