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Tilaa uutiskirje

Image: Patrik Rastenberger
Guided Queer Tours

Saturday 24.8. at 15
Saturday 26.10. at 15 (CANCELLED)
Saturday 2.11. at 15
Saturday 9.11. at 15

We invite you to take a queer look at Ugo Rondinone’s exhibition that playfully addresses gender and identity in all the colours of the rainbow. The queer gaze aims to inspect the existing norm and offer new alternatives. At the Kunsthalle’s queer guided tours we question the prevalent norms of gender, heterosexuality, whiteness, able-bodiedness, thinness, youth, and anthropocentrism and challenge the power structures that they are intertwined with.

Ugo Rondinone works across a wide range of contemporary mediums including sculpture, painting, audio, video and photography. He combines conceptualism with elements of Pop Art, reflecting on everyday events that often convey a contemplative, existential dimension. Through seemingly mundane elements, he delves into profound conceptual depths of the psyche and emotion.

The guide, Karoliina Arola, is a Master of Arts that has worked as a guide at several of Helsinki’s art museums since 2006. In recent years she has held queer and feminist tours at The Kirpilä Art Collection and Ateneum alongside tours of the permanent collections and changing exhibitions.

What does queer mean? Read more.

The Queer tour is in Finnish.
Included in the admission: €12 / €8 / Museum Card