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Art Exercise for Kids: Protecting Nature

Experience Patricia Piccinini’s exhibition Between the Shadow and the Soul through art exercises! The exercises are aimed at children but they are also suitable for art lovers of any age. They deepen the visitors’ experience and interpretation of the exhibition by fostering a sense of personal connection to the works.

EXCERCISE: Protecting Nature

In her work, Patricia Piccinini often explores the relationship humans have with nature. Many of her works feature animal species that are becoming extinct due to human actions. If you visit Kunsthalle Helsinki, you can see several animals that are currently under threat.

The work The Sapling features a father creature that resembles a tree’s root structure carrying a child figure on its shoulders. We should treat nature like we treat those who nurture and love us – just like this father figure is carrying the Sapling and supports its growth.

Take a photo of yourself supporting, touching or looking at something in nature that you wish to protect and that you wish would remain unchanged. Remember to ask for help if it is too tricky to take a photo of yourself. You can also stage the photo. For instance, tree cones and branches can turn into an animal! A mobile phone camera is very suitable for this purpose.

Share your photo with your friends and challenge them to undertake the task too. Get together and discuss your photos. What kind of action could you take to succeed in protecting your chosen part of nature? Print your pictures and set up a small photo exhibition. Invite some visitors!