Tilaa uutiskirje

Image: Patrik Rastenberger
Plastic bag painting

Due to the exceptional circumstances, we have had to cancel the Baby Mondays events. We however wish to encourage and support you with experiences mixing art and play at your own home together with your baby. We will share easy ideas for art exercises with babies at home starting on Monday 20 April.

The nice thing about this method is the lack of mess. You can tape the painting surface on the table in front of your baby’s high chair, or on the floor if your baby isn’t able to sit up straight yet. A small baby can lie on their stomach on the floor. You can fold a little blanket or pillow to place under the baby’s upper body to provide extra support.

Watercolour paper or cardboard
A big resealable plastic bag
Masking tape
Finger paint or bottled paint

Cut a piece of paper or cardboard so that it is slightly smaller than the plastic bag. Pour a little paint onto the paper. It is advisable to only use a few colours at a time, otherwise you will end up with a brownish mess. Place the painting surface carefully in the bag, close it and tape it to the table or floor. Tape down all four sides of the bag onto your surface so the baby cannot tear it off. When your baby is done painting, take out the paper or cardboard from the bag and let the finished work dry out.