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    Baby Mondays Art Tips: Black and White Art

    We wish to encourage and support you to have experiences, make art and play together with your baby. Here you can find ideas for artistic activities that are easy to do with your baby or toddler.


    Babies are fascinated by contrasts. This black and white painting is made by painting with pieces of fabric, such as strips of an old t-shirt often used for making “rag rugs”.

    Black food colouring
    Big white piece of paper or cardboard to paint on
    Masking tape
    Strips of an old t-shirt or other textile scrap

    Prepare the black paint by mixing a bit of black food colouring with water in a bowl. You can find natural black food colouring made with plant charcoal in the baking section of most supermarkets.

    Find a piece of fabric measuring 20-30 cm, such as rags used for making DIY rag rugs. If you don’t have suitable strips readily available, you can use cotton fabric, e.g. by cutting up an old t-shirt.

    Tape the painting surface onto a table or the floor in order to keep it steady. Dip the fabric rag in paint so that half of it is wet and the other half dry. Lift the rag onto the painting surface and guide your child to hold it and start painting. Happy painting!