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Anu Pentik, Paratiisi, 2016. Yksityiskohta installaatiosta

Anu Pentik: Three Rooms

11.3. - 14.5.2017

The rugged beauty of Nordic nature sets itself in the Kunsthalle in the form of ceramics installations. The exhibition starts a new chapter in the lengthy career of Anu Pentik.

Anu Pentik creates moods like nobody else. Known for her warm colours and organic shapes, the ceramics artist has brought large-scale installations into the Kunsthalle, creating three distinct spaces: High Heaven, Rocky Earth, and Colourful Paradise. The works celebrate lust for life, boldness and beauty through rugged, northern nature and a brightly flickering colour palette.

All works included in the exhibition are ceramics. An experience of making by hand and a material knowledge of decades manifest in a technical boldness. The exhibition is also a salute to ceramics art and the opportunities that live between art and design.

The Three Rooms exhibition highlights Anu Pentik (b. 1942) as an artist and celebrates her long career in the centre of Finnish ceramics. She is the founder of Pentik Ltd. and the artistic director of the company.

The exhibition is a part of the Finland 100 celebratory year.

Anu Pentik


Anu Pentik, Kivilautanen, 2016. Osa Maa-installaatiota

Anu Pentik, Värikäs paratiisi