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Susanne Gottberg, Drabbning / Yhteenotto / Confrontation, 2018, öljy kankaalle, 105 x 90cm. Kuva: Jussi Tiainen

Susanne Gottberg

1.6. - 4.8.2019

The Third Factor

Summer marks the opening of an extensive exhibition by Susanne Gottberg, an artist known as a painter of silences, whose work revolves around absences.

In a career spanning decades, Gottberg has reflected on moments of absence and presence in her paintings executed on both canvas and wood. Initially focusing on nature and landscapes, she then progressed to interiors, highlighting details in furniture, fabrics and other surfaces. Recently she has taken a special interest in depicting glassware and its reflections.

The Kunsthalle exhibition presents a selection of new works alongside established classics as well as a walk-through installation in the sculpture gallery realized in collaboration with sculptor Markus Kåhre. The installation highlights the transient nature of events and their non-simultaneous simultaneity.

Susanne Gottberg graduated from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts and held her debut exhibition in Helsinki in 1989. Gottberg received the The Finnish Art Society’sArt Society’s Ducat Prize in 1991 and she was chosen as Finland’s Young Artist of the year in 1994.