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Art Exercise for kids: My Friend and I

Experience Patricia Piccinini’s exhibition Between the Shadow and the Soul through art exercises! The exercises are aimed at children but they are also suitable for art lovers of any age. They deepen the visitors’ experience and interpretation of the exhibition by fostering a sense of personal connection to the works.

EXCERCISE: My Friend And I

Would it be fun to play with the child seen in the art work? What kinds of games would you play? What is the child trying to do with the parrot in their hand? What do you share with and how do you differ from the child in the work?

Patricia Piccinini wants us to identify with her works, meaning that we should feel a familiarity in them. If you first find a certain work scary or disgusting, Piccinini thinks it is worthwhile to find reasons for why this happens. She is fascinated by how we relate to difference. In her art, she looks for ways to portray beauty.

Film a video with one or several friends of you having a conversation together. What do you share in common and how are you different? What kinds of different strengths do you have that complement one another?

You can position yourselves in front of a camera and set it on a table, or one of you can film the others and participate in the discussion from behind the camera. A mobile phone camera is very suitable for this purpose.