Tilaa uutiskirje

Art Exercise for Kids: Wondrous World

Experience Patricia Piccinini’s exhibition Between the Shadow and the Soul through art exercises! The exercises are aimed at children but they are also suitable for art lovers of any age. They deepen the visitors’ experience and interpretation of the exhibition by fostering a sense of personal connection to the works.

EXCERCISE: Wondrous World

The collaborative art work by Patricia Piccinini and Peter Hennessey called Alone with the Gods seen at Kunsthalle Helsinki presents us the Big Guy. Together with his daughter the Gardener, this character has literally given birth to a world composed of extraordinary objects. Kunsthalle Helsinki exhibits what is still left of this world. What kinds of objects can you find in the picture?

If you come to the Kunsthalle or watch the virtual exhibition tour, you can meet the Big Guy personally at the Sculpture Gallery. We can see ourselves in the mirrors behind the Big Guy! Patricia Piccinini finds it important that we become part of her works as spectators. Whenever we see a work of art we form our own interpretation of it. There are no wrong interpretations!

What do you see around yourself now? Draw and colour your surroundings on paper as a new and wondrous world. You can create all kinds of new and delightful things, just like the Big Guy! For instance something that combines different objects from your surroundings. What would a chair look like with the arms of your mum or dad reaching out for a hug? Or a refrigerator with an endless avalanche of unmelting ice-cream balls bursting out of it? Or your school desk from which gushing waterfalls splash at your feet? Or your pet with a carrot field as its coat instead of fur?