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Art Exercise for Kids: A Pet of the Future

Experience Patricia Piccinini’s exhibition Between the Shadow and the Soul through art exercises! The exercises are aimed at children but they are also suitable for art lovers of any age. They deepen the visitors’ experience and interpretation of the exhibition by fostering a sense of personal connection to the works.

EXERCISES: A Pet of the Future

Patricia Piccinini’s work The Loafers depicts two little animals of some kind snuggling up together, side by side. Or are they even animals? Do they remind you of a certain animal? Would you find it nice to snuggle up and loaf around with the loafers?

As in many works by Piccinini, The Loafers include several different kinds of creatures, as well as various objects. They resemble humans in their expressiveness, but they also bear a resemblance to other kinds of animals. From behind they look a bit like the soles of shoes!

Humans are able to create such creatures with the help of technology. We can modify our own bodies, animals and the nature around us. It is exciting but also provokes a discussion on whether it is right or wrong for us humans to modify and change things to suit our own liking.

Build a pet of the future using aluminium foil. Twist and bend wire to create a suitable spine for the pet’s body frame. Your pet can have any combination of animal, human, plant or object features. Or it can be something completely different! The only limit is your imagination. Consider who would have such a pet and why it would be created.