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Baby Mondays Art Tips: Velvety Finger Paints

We wish to encourage and support you to have experiences, make art and play together with your baby. Here you can find ideas for artistic activities that are easy to do with your baby or toddler.


A small child examines the world in a holistic manner using different senses. Tasting the paints is often an essential part of the artistic moment. These nontoxic paints are suitable for babies over six months old.

Small package of coconut cream
Bilberries, blackcurrants, sugar-free berry juice or food colouring
Painting surface, e.g. large piece of paper or cardboard
Masking tape
Silicone brush

A very small amount of paint is enough for the baby to have a great painting experience. Mix the coconut cream with pureed berries and add a splash of berry juice or a few drops of food colouring. You can prepare paints in different colours.

It is wise to tape the baby’s painting surface onto a desk or the floor. Children who can sit upright can work in a high chair by a table.
The idea of finger painting is, of course, to paint with one’s fingers but using a brush is also allowed. A silicone brush meant for food preparation is very suitable for painting.

Enjoy your painting moments!