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Marjatta Hanhijoki’s watercolour class

Saturday School at Kunsthalle Helsinki:
Marjatta Hanhijoki’s watercolour class inspired by Johannes Itten’s colour theory

Saturdays 28.1.–18.2.2023 klo 11–15

The artist Marjatta Hanhijoki will lead a class on watercolour painting which dives into colours and other elements of painting with an exciting and professional touch.

I wish to quote a thought of Alberto Giacometti’s: “The sketchbook is my best studio, it always travels with me”. What I wish to portray with this idea is that a pencil and a small, silent, odourless, unnoticeable sketchbook afford me the possibility of sketching anywhere. The same thought can be expanded to watercolour painting: as an exercise, a note, a sketch filled with writing, a croquis, or the final result of several hours or weeks. One of the defining features of watercolour painting is that the first layer gilds the next layer from underneath, determines the order in which space can be made, and how the colour surface can be composed. Colour theory is to a watercolourist what a footing is to a building. Without it, neither house nor painting can stand. – Marjatta Hanhijoki

Each day begins with a basic painting task, and continues with an applied task. At the end of the day there is always a shared showcase of the day’s creations. Johannes Itten’s renowned book “The Art of Color” is used as the course textbook.

The course includes a guided tour of Kunsthalle Helsinki’s ongoing exhibition.The last class will take place at 11–16 at the teacher’s own studio in the artist residence Lallukka in Helsinki. Artist Marjatta Hanhijoki is the instructor and mentor of the course. Marjatta is a master in drawing, painting, and graphic art – as well as a beloved teacher. Kunsthalle Helsinki’s exhibition Visibly So, held last winter, presented a broad and diverse overview of Hanhijoki’s prolific career.

The course is suitable for both experienced hobbyists as well as watercolour first-timers. Teaching is aimed at adults. The course is taught in Finnish.

Four-week module with a total of 17 h
Price €195

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