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Kunsthalle Helsinki’s Open Call is welcoming proposals for exhibitions and artworks

Kunsthalle Helsinki is opening a new route of exhibition proposals by visual artists. The aim of the Open Call is to widen the scope of Kunsthalle Helsinki’s programme, to strengthen the variety of voices, and to support diverse ways of making art. Through this first edition, the Open Call will be established as an ongoing concept that will serve to shape the Kunsthalle’s programme in years to come. The first Open Call selection will be presented at Kunsthalle Helsinki in summer 2025.

Points of emphasis in Kunsthalle Helsinki’s newest strategy (2023–2028) include a more accessible and diverse exhibition programme and selection. The strategy will be implemented on the exhibition level in phases. The Kunsthalle’s values are cheekiness, warmth, and joy. Cheekiness refers to questioning, provoking discussions, and bravely pursuing new openings.

The Open Call creates space and opportunities for artistic themes, implementations, and artistic thinking that have not yet necessarily found their way into exhibitions and exposure at Kunsthalle Helsinki. The aim of the Open Call is to facilitate content that individuals involved with exhibition construction at Kunsthalle Helsinki might not otherwise reach given their own position, background, or privileges.

The Open Call is open to all Finnish and Finland based artists, artist groups, and other working groups operating in Finland. Submissions can be sent in Finnish, Swedish, and English.

An exhibition compiled of the selected proposal(s) will be presented in the Kunsthalle Helsinki premises. The Kunsthalle will compensate the selected artist(s) in accordance with the Artists’ Association of Finland’s recommendations for exhibition fees. The exhibition will be planned as a close collaboration between the artist(s) and Kunsthalle Helsinki. The overall production budget is €30,000. The budget will be divided amongst the selected proposals based on the overall exhibition concept. Kunsthalle Helsinki will cover basic costs related to the implementation of the exhibition: construction, possible technical needs, transportation, travel, and so on.

The Open Call submissions will be evaluated by a four-person jury which includes: Tatiana Solovieva (Globe Art Point), Susi Siriya Orenius (Ruskeat Tytöt), Katri Lassila (Artists’ Association of Finland), and Eeva Holkeri (Kunsthalle Helsinki).

Submission period:
1st February – 17 March 2024. Submissions must be sent at the latest on 17 March 2024 at 11:59 pm (EET) in PDF format by e-mail to

Send your submission as one PDF file (max 10 MB). The submission must include:
– Proposal for an exhibition or an artwork – the proposal does not need to be a finalised concept or project, but can rather describe the topics that one wishes to work on, which themes are of interest + short presentation of the artist(s) (max 1 A4)
– Contact information and link to a website (or similar)
– Initial idea for budget (max 1 A4)

The jury will reach their decision by 24 April 2024 after which Kunsthalle Helsinki will be in personal contact with the selected applicants during May 2024. The exhibition will be announced in early 2025 and presented in Kunsthalle Helsinki’s premises in summer 2025 (the more precise exhibition period will be secured later). No feedback will be given to unsuccessful candidates.

The jury members will read through all submissions and make a pre-selection for in-depth shared discussions based on the following principles:
– Attractivity and topicality of the proposal
– Diversity and its execution
– Professionality of production
– Suitability for Kunsthalle Helsinki’s premises

More information on the exhibition space (ca. 550 m² / 5,900 ft²):
– Floor plan of exhibition space, PDF , elevator
– Virtual presentation of exhibition space, link
– Kunsthalle Helsinki’s technical specs and “limitations” of the exhibition spaces, PDF

Questions regarding the Open Call:
Kunsthalle Helsinki’s head of exhibitions, Eeva Holkeri will answer telephone inquiries in the following times: 8.2., 15.2., 22.2., 14.3. at 10–14. The Kunsthalle aims to respond to e-mail inquiries within 5 working days from sending.

Eeva Holkeri:, tel. +358 40 350 3495